Brit Ha'Mishkan/Community Covenant

Brit HaMishkan: Community Covenant 

“And God spoke to Moses, saying: 'Speak to Yisrael that they may collect a contribution; from everyone whose heart so moves him, take my contribution... and let them make me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among them (the people)” (Exodus 25:1–2,8). 

Becoming a member of Mishkan Shalom is entering into a sacred covenant to build and sustain our Jewish community of shared values. This includes being a beneficiary of communal and clergy support, programs and resources as well as contributing likewise alongside financial and volunteer commitments, all flowing from our Statement of Principles.

The purpose of the Brit HaMishkan is to invite and ensure involvement of every member in supporting spiritual life and the broader activities of our community. 

To fulfill our obligations to each other, member households will be expected to participate in at least one of these activities each year, whether in person, on-line or both: 

• Host either a Potluck Dinner or Kiddush after services on Friday evening or Shabbat morning. 

• Host a Community Kiddush after a Shabbat B’nai Mitzvah ceremony.

• Host a Village Shabbat event at your home. 

• Support the offering of services either on-line in the role of Levites (holy helpers), or as Levites such as in-person greeters, helping with set-up, clean-up and volunteers for services and other activities. 

• For Bnai Mitzvah Families: Participate in the B’nai Mitzvah Co-op and Host a Community Kiddush after a Shabbat B’nai Mitzvah ceremony for their child; • Engage in an active way as a volunteer whether in Hebrew School, Tikkun Olam/Justice work, Lifelong Learning, Fundraisers, or in any of the many committees/teams/groups/events that offer opportunities for involvement: 

Detailed instructions are located on the internally circulated Signup Genius.


Background: Our current Brit HaMishkan definition was developed by the Membership Team and Rabbis Shawn and Yael in 2014, approved by the board and membership of Mishkan Shalom. The Brit was updated by the Spiritual Life Council (including Rabbis) and Membership Team, supported by the Mishkan Board in October 2021, and shared with the congregation at our December 2021 on-line and subsequent community meetings.

In tandem with self-assessed annual dues and support of our Statement of Principles, this is how we have defined our Covenant of Membership. See for full details.

For member households for whom sponsoring a kiddush would present a financial burden, Mishkan Shalom will have basic foods and drinks available but still require each household to commit to a date for set-up and clean-up. Please do not hesitate to let the appropriate contact person know of your need. 

In addition to your support in welcoming and nourishing our community in these concrete ways, to thrive as a community we also need your help to fill the roles which bring dynamic programming and services to everyone. Through our newsletter and website, we offer updated information about the many committees, teams, groups, and events that offer opportunities for involvement. There is no better way to get to know each other than coming together in sacred service. We will help you bring your own special gifts to our Mishkan.

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