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Kavanah for Bereshit by Rabbi Yael Levy

Beginnings created Elohim with the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1)

In the beginning, openings were created

So the Divine could take form.

            Into the vastness came light.

            An expanse spread over the waters

            And became sky.

            The waters gathered and the earth appeared.

            And from the earth, vegetation sprang forth:

            Trees, plants, seed bearing fruit.

            Lights filled the sky

            And living creatures arose in the

            In the expanse of the sea

            And the heavens.

            And from the earth,

            Living creatures came to be.

And then the Mystery said, Let us make humans in our image, in the image of the earth, of the sky and waters. Let us make humans in the image of the animals, in the image of the creatures of the land, in the image of the birds and of the fish. Let us fill these beings with the fires of creation and form them in the image of all that is good—all that is Divine.  (Genesis 1:27)

And here we are,

Created anew.

Beginning again.

            Who will we be this year?

            How will we live?

            To what will we offer our precious gifts of life?


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