Adar I: Week Three: I Am My Prayer to You

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I am my prayer to You.

The months of Adar remind us that we are each sacred vessels formed and fashioned in our own particular way so as to bring forth our unique lights, our unique blessings.

This week we acknowledge our gifts and talents. We acknowledge the goodness we bring into the world because of who we are. For many of us this is a challenging exercise. For many of us it would be much easier to acknowledge our mistakes and shortcomings.  

It is helpful to remember that we name our gifts and blessings not to puff up our ego. Naming our blessings gives us inner strength and courage.  It helps us see who we are and what we have to offer. Valuing ourselves creates a firm foundation from which to act. Valuing ourselves helps us proceed with greater love and compassion and be of better service to ourselves and others.



Take some quiet time at the beginning of the week for this exercise.

As you sit in a comfortable posture, follow the breath into the body and remind yourself that you are a sacred vessel, fashioned as you are so you can bring forth your own unique blessings and gifts. With gentleness and love, ask yourself to acknowledge the gifts, skills and talents you have been given.  Ask yourself to name your abilities. 

You can say to yourself:

“I am a . . . (kind, open, honest)… person.”

“I have a gift with… (music, art, cooking, listening, writing, gardening, carpentry . . . .)”

“I offer… (a loving presence,  a determined spirit, a strong sense of justice . . . .)

Do your best not to force a response. Aask the questions gently.

Notice any judgment or criticism that arises and do your best not to follow these thoughts.  Remind yourself that naming these gifts is a sacred practice.  You are bringing them forward so you can live and offer your blessings.

Write the gifts, talents and skills that you notice on a note card and place it where you will see it regularly.  Take a moment each day to speak aloud to yourself these gifts and abilities.



The psalmist calls out—ani t’filati l’cha Yah: I am my prayer to you. (Psalm 69:14)

Each day we sit with this verse.

After we take our seats, placing ourselves in an awake posture, we let this verse travel with the breath. Repeating it over and over again and letting it fill our bodies:

I am my prayer to you.

Each time we notice the mind has wandered, we gently bring it back by returning the attention to the breath and this verse:

I am my prayer to you.

We close our sit by setting an intention to recognize the gifts in ourselves and others.


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